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12/24 Volt DC/DC 20 Amp DC-DC Converter

DC Voltage Autotransformer 12 to 24 or 24 to 12 Volts DC 20 Amps

12/24 Volt DC/DC 20 Amp DC-DC Converter

12/24 Volt DC/DC 20 Amp DC-DC Converter  Send to a Friend    
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Item#: EQ-12-24-20
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Solar Converters 12/24 VDC Autotransformer

This rugged and versatile unit is used to power a small load at 12 V from a 24 V battery, or to power a small 24 V load from a 12 V battery. It functions both ways, producing 12 V @ 20 Amps from a 24 V input or can be connected backwards to produce 24 V @ 10 Amps from a 12 V input.

When connected as a battery equalizer, it allows large transient 12 V loads to be taken off the centre tap of a 24 V battery (made of 2 X 12 V batteries) without fear of upsetting the voltage balance of the battery and destroying the 24 V battery system that would otherwise occur.

Dimensions: Approximately 6.5"x3"x3"

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