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12/24 Volt 50 Amp DC-DC Converter

12/24 Volt 50 Amp DC-DC Converter

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Item No: EQ-12-24-50

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12/24 VDC 50 Amp DC to DC Converter

This unit is an up or down voltage converter whose output is proportional to its input. It functions both ways, producing 12 V @ 50 Amps from a 24 V input or can be connected backwards to produce 24 V @ 25 Amps from a 12 V input. Also, regulated models are available to produce a fixed output voltage instead of the proprotional output. For example, Model EQ 12/24-50 R13.5 produces a fixed 13.5 output at 50 amps from a 24 V nominal battery source. When connected accross a 24 V battery, it functions as a battery equalizer, allowing loads to be taken off of the 12 V battery section of a 24 V battery pack without fear of damage to the battery pack due to voltage mismatch.


  • Weatherproof, NEMA 3R enclosure


  • 12" x 10" x 4"

1 year warranty



Specifications and User ManualSpecifications and User Manual

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