12 Volt Panel to 48 Volt Battery 3 Amps

12 Volt Panel to 48 Volt Battery 3 Amps

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12 Volt Solar Panel to Charge 48 Volt Battery

When you need to charge a 48 volt battery bank with a 12 volt solar panel, the Solar Converters CV charge controllers are ideal. Generally speaking, a solar panel must output a higher voltage than the battery bank it's charging. Normally this is not a problem. However, if you want to use a small 12 volt solar module to keep your higher voltage battery topped off, then you need a special type of charge controller that can step up the voltage of the panel. The Solar Converters CV series does just that. They work perfectly for small trickle charging systems or keeping batteries fully charged when sitting idle.

This model works well with 12 volt solar panels in the 10 to 160 watts range. If your panel is within the 10 to 50 watt range, the charger will be putting out less than 1 amp. For best results, we recommend panels rated for over 100 watts.

Input Voltage 0 - 24 V (12V Nominal Solar Panel)
Output Voltage +/- 2% 56 VDC
Output Current 3 Amp
Input Fuse 25 amp automotive fuse
Efficiency 92 - 96%
Dimensions 4" x 2" x 2"
Weight 1.8 lbs.
Enclosure NEMA 4 weatherproof, outdoor rated

1 year warranty

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