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3,975 Watt Grid-tie Solar Power System with 48 VDC Battery Backup and 3,600 Watt Inverter

3,975 Watt Grid-tie Solar Power System with 48 VDC Battery Backup and 3,600 Watt Inverter

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3,825 Watt Solar Grid-tie Kit With Battery Backup

Shipping Note: Because this item has to ship by truck freight, the shipping costs for online orders will not be correct. You must email us or call us at 800 383-0195 to get actual shipping costs.

Notice: In many areas of the country, it is not permitted for an unqualified person to connect grid-interactive electrical equipment to the utility grid. It could result in severe penalties and/or fines. Be sure to check your local electrical code and regulations before installing this system. You may need to hire a licensed electrician in order to pass an electrical inspection.

Note: This kit comes with an IronRidge XRS rail mount for the solar panels. There are many different types of mounts that can meet your needs but the most popular mounts for this quantity of modules is a rail mount system. Some of our customers prefer top-of-pole mounts and some prefer to build their own. If you're looking for the easiest method, we recommend going with a professional mounting system. This rail system is configured for two horizontal rows: One with nine modules and another with six. If you need a different configuration or you're interested in pole mounts, please contact us and we can design a mount to meet your specifications.

This kit is one of the easiest ways to get started with a grid-tie solar system. It comes with 3,975 watts in solar modules, an Outback FLEXpower pre-wired inverter system for 60 Hz electrical systems and Concorde SunXtender sealed AGM deep cycle batteries. The inverter is capable of 3,600 watts and is powered with 48 volts DC. In the event of a utility power outage, this system can also provide you with back up AC power for your home or selected appliances or devices. This system is capable of charging the batteries from the utility grid or from the solar panels. This kit comes with eight of the SunXtender PVX-3050T batteries for a total of 305 amp-hours at 48 VDC. If you want a larger capacity battery bank, you have the option of adding another eight PVX-3050T batteries and the necessary cables for a total of sixteen batteries at 610 amp-hours. If you prefer flooded type batteries, we can definitely offer those as an alternative to the sealed AGM type. Please email us or call and speak with a sales associate with any questions or to discuss design options.

Kit Contents

Wire Requirement: This wire is NOT included and must be purchased separately. The Outback FLEXpower One installation instructions calls for a minimum of #6 AWG or maximum of #4 AWG copper wire for the charge controller input. This is the wire that travels from the MNPV3 combiner box and connects to the FLEXpower One. Depending upon your installation method, you have a few choices for the wire. We sell the XLP #4 AWG and XLP #6 AWG in both black and red insulation. If you will be installing your wire inside electrical conduit, the XLP insulation may be a little overkill, and we recommend THHN type wire. We sell #6 THHN and #4 THHN AWG wire. THHN is a little cheaper but works great when installed in conduit. You will also need a bare copper wire for the ground connection. We sell it in #8 AWG and #6 AWG. Be sure of the length you need before you order! If you have any questions about wire or wiring methods, please email us or call and we will be happy to help you select the proper wire.

Warranty Information:

  • Kyocera KU265-6MCA: 10 years workmanship, 25 years at 80% power output
  • Outback FM80 Charge Controller: 5 years
  • Outback GVFX3648 Inverter: 5 years
  • MidNite Solar MNPV6 Combiner Box: 5 years
  • Concorde SunXtender Batteries: 1 year free replacement

Note: Every solar system installation is different. While this kit contains almost everything you need, you will have to provide some of your own materials. For example, you may want to purchase some wire nuts for splicing wire (you may or may not need to splice wire depending upon your installation). You may also need to upgrade your kilowatt-hour meter or add an additional meter if your local electrical code requires it. The XRS mounting system will also require hardware for fastening the feet to the mounting surface.

Disclaimer: Please be aware of how much energy production you need to offset your energy use. If you draw down the charge on your batteries below 50%, you will most likely cause permanent damage to them. Batteries are too expensive to guess at the numbers. We cannot be held responsible if you choose a kit that is too small for your needs. If you have any questions or need help determining how much energy you need, please email us or call and one of our sales staff will be happy to help you.



Kyocera KU265 SpecificationsKyocera KU265 Specifications

Wiring DiagramWiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram for Eight 6 Volt batteries at 48 VDCWiring Diagram for Eight 6 Volt batteries at 48 VDC

Wiring Diagram for Sixteen 6 Volt batteries at 48 VDCWiring Diagram for Sixteen 6 Volt batteries at 48 VDC

Outback GVFX Inverter SpecificationsOutback GVFX Inverter Specifications

Outback FLEXmax Controller SpecificationsOutback FLEXmax Controller Specifications

MNPV6 SpecificationsMNPV6 Specifications

SunXtender Technical ManualSunXtender Technical Manual

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