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Deep Cycle Battery Chargers & Accessories

Regulated Battery Chargers - 12 to 48 Volt, 10 to 90 Amp

Regulated battery chargers for deep cycle batteries

Regulated Chargers for Deep Cycle Batteries

Regulated battery chargers from Iota Engineering. 12, 24, and 48 volt DC battery chargers. 10 amps to 90 amps. We carry the complete line of Iota DLS regulated battery chargers.

We also carry the "converters" (DC power supplies) by Iota - typically 3-4 days lead time. These allow you to run DC equipment designed to run from a battery from AC.

We recommend that your battery charger be rated for about 15% to 30% of your battery amp-hour capacity - That is, if you are charging a 100 amp-hour battery that you use a 15 to 30 amp charger. For a typical RV setup with a pair of the 220 amp-hour golf car batteries, we recommend no larger than a 60 amp charger.

Iota Engineering Regulated Battery Chargers, 12 to 48 Volt
Magnum ME-SBC Smart Battery Combiner 12/24 Volts
Regular Price: $149.00
Our Sale Price: $119.20

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