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Iota Engineering Regulated Battery Chargers, 12 to 48 Volt

All Iota products have a 2-year warranty. We sell these mainly for deep cycle battery charging, but they will work fine for any standard lead-acid battery, including marine and starting batteries.

Regulated "smart" battery chargers (and a couple of converters) for deep cycle and other batteries. Iota makes the ONLY decent small to medium 24 and 48 volt battery chargers that we are aware of.

We recommend the Iota chargers with the IQ4 option for most applications where the charger will be left on the battery 24/7. Many are available with the IQ4 already built in. There is also a special IQ4 for paralleling more than one charger - the IQ4/PAR - this is for using 2 chargers at once on a single battery bank to keep the charge stages synchronized.

Iota makes 36, and 48 volt battery chargers and converters. We do not stock all of the 36 volt versions, but they are usually available within an extra 2 to 7 days. Can be used with or without a battery. When used as a converter/power supply, the IOTA power converter will only supply what is required by the load. When not in use it is essentially off, reducing electricity usage.

Do you need the IQ4 option? The IQ4 adds 3-stage charging to all Iota chargers (normally 2-stage). In short, if the charger is connected most or all of the time to the batteries, then yes. If you use it only occasionally - such as for fast charging, or when the batteries need charging from another source, or are using it as only a voltage supply or part time charger, then probably not.

For more information about maintaining deep cycle batteries with an Iota charger, please see Iota's technical paper about charging lead acid batteries for long life.

You can also read about Iota DLS parallel and series charging for increased voltage or amperage output.

Iota Engineering Product Guide

NOTE: The Iota chargers do NOT come with the necessary wire/cables to connect it to the battery. Please email us or call if you have questions about the type of wire and what size you need.

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