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Deep Cycle Solar Batteries, Hydrometers, Battery Caps, & Enclosures

Concorde Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries for Solar & Backup Power Systems

Deep Cycle AGM & Flooded Batteries for Solar Electric and Backup Power.

Batteries manufactured by: Concorde, Surrette (Rolls), Trojan, UPG & Crown. We carry only deep cycle batteries - we do not stock starting or "marine" batteries. We stock a wide range of both AGM and standard flooded batteries. We generally recommend at a rough estimate around 1-1.5 watts of solar panel per battery bank amp-hours @ 12 volts (double that for 24 volt, 4x that for 48 volt systems)

The smaller (34 to 85 Amp-hour) Concorde AGM totally sealed batteries are also often used in high power car audio systems for extra power, since they have very low internal resistance and cannot leak.

** All but the Concorde and Universal Battery sealed AGM batteries must ship freight, so when ordering flooded batteries shipping costs will be guesstimates, actual shipping costs will vary. We may ship from the nearest factory warehouse if that is closer to you to save shipping.

We list most flooded batteries that we carry here, but for small quantities shipping outside the Flagstaff or Phoenix area may be more expensive than buying the same batteries locally.

We carry a complete line of battery accessories for solar electric and backup power systems, including cables, Anderson battery connectors, Hydrocaps, Water-Miser caps, chargers, enclosures, and desulfators. For battery chargers, click the menu button on the left.

Only the Concorde batteries can be shipped UPS, all others must go freight or local pickup.

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