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Delta CA302R AC Surge Capacitor

Delta CA302R AC Surge Capacitor

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Item No: CA-302R

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Delta CA-302R AC Surge Capacitor

NOTE: We will soon be discontinuing the Delta brand lightning and surge arrestors. They are good products, but they do not compare to the quality and performance of the new line of arrestors by MidNite Solar. If you are planning to use one of these devices on a solar or wind power system, we highly recommend the MidNite Solar brand as a better alternative.

A surge capacitor is a device designed to absorb surges and/or reduce the steepness of their wave front. A capacitor is able to absorb and hold a charge of electricity, returning it to the circuit at a later time. Since the surge capacitor is always connected to the power circuit, current flows at all times. When a surge occurs, added current flows to the capacitor thereby lowering the intensity of the surge voltage. The amount of current the capacitor can absorb depends on the size of the capacitor, and the amount of voltage pushing the current. If the surge is of a low current relative to its voltage intensity, the capacitor will absorb it. If the surge has high current, the capacitor cannot absorb it. By contrast, our lightning arrestor takes no current from the line during normal operation. When a surge occurs, the arrestor turns on to provide a discharge path. When the surge is gone, the arrestor turns off. The arrestor will handle unlimited amount of current, although amounts exceeding 100,000 amps will generally damage the arrestor. The main advantage of a capacitor is that there is no time delay in turning on as it always conducts. The disadvantage is that the amount of current it can handle is limited to a few amps, depending on the surge voltage. For this reason, an arrestor should always be installed with a capacitor to protect it from intense surges. For two-wire (single 115 volt) systems and inverters you can tie the white and black wires to the same side, or the white to the input side, such as from a generator or grid, and the black to the output side. The Green should be well grounded. For dual inverter systems that operate from the grid for battery standby systems, you can put one on the input and one on the output. Part CA302R - Surge Capacitor - Leads 18" #12 2 black/1 white Weatherproof Enclosure - DIMENSIONS: 4-1/2" High, 2-1-4" Diameter Rated Voltage - 250V single phase, 3 wire. Voltage to neutral - 125V. An internal automatic discharge circuit is provided. This unit is designed for light duty service such as single phase commercial and residential service entrance panels.



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