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Low Voltage Diversion Load Water Heating Element for 12, 24 or 48 Volts DC

Low Voltage Diversion Load Water Heating Element for 12, 24 or 48 Volts DC

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Item No: 021-09279

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Resistive Diversion Load for 12, 24 or 48 Volts DC

These low-voltage water heating elements are perfect for use as a diversion load. This is a great way to consume any excess energy produced by your wind, hydro or hybrid electrical system and using that energy wisely to heat your water. That way, you're not wasting any of your energy when your battery bank is fully charged. These will work with most PWM type controllers such as those manufactured by Schneider Electric and Morningstar. The 1 inch male pipe threads allow it to fit most electric water heaters with screw-in elements. The two heating elements can be wired in series, in parallel or used individually. This allows you to adjust the resistance of the load.
Regulation Voltage 14 Volts 28 Volts 56 Volts
Model Wiring Ohms Amps Watts Amps Watts Amps Watts
12/24/48 V series 2.48 Ω 5.6 A 79 W 11.3 A 316 W 22.6 A 1,265 W
single 1.24 Ω 11.3 A 158 W 22.6 A 632 W  
parallel 0.62 Ω 22.6 A 316 W 45.2 A 1,265 W
2 year warranty



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