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Flexcharge Realtime Programmable Timer

Flexcharge Realtime Programmable Timer

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Flexcharge DC Timer Controller

This controller will directly control both AC and DC loads up to 16 amps non-inductive (lights, heaters etc.) or 8 amp inductive loads (motors, pumps, fans, etc.). Will control up to 240 volt AC or DC (but not recommended for over 48 volts DC). This requires a 12 volt battery to operate the timer and internal relay. The timer draws only a few milliamps, so can operate from one side of a 24 volt battery system without battery damage, or for remote pump systems you can use one of the small Concorde 33 Amp-hour batteries with a small trickle charge panel and Sunguard controller, or often you can tap off the existing pumping panels with a charge controller to feed a 12 volt battery. Since it draws only a very tiny current, it will not affect pump operation even if charging the battery at the same time.

The Flexcharge Real Time Programmable Timer is a 12 hr, 8 event, clock based programmable 8A load controller. Multiple Load ON and OFF times are programmed into this real time clock controller. Each day can be programmed with its own unique timing pattern. Eight ON and eight OFF events can be programmed independently.

Example: Use one ON event to have a light come on at 7pm every day then use seven different OFF events to turn the light OFF at a different time each day. This controller may be used in conjunction with the sSCLC or LVD 12 / 24 to have the load come ON at dusk, then shut OFF at a pre-programmed time.

Internal battery maintains clock and programmed memory for up to 3 months with no external power.
Consumes less than 3mA in standby mode.
Drives up to 8A Inductive Loads or 16A Resistive Loads.
Isolated relay contacts allow user to directly control 115Vac Loads
Reverse Polarity Protected.
Manual override allows the user to manually turn the load ON and OFF as desired.
Easy to Use Terminal Block for simple installation.




More information about this product is available at the Flexcharge USA website.

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