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Grid-Tie System Example Quotations

Grid-Tie System Example Quotations

These example grid-tie solar system estimates are intended to give customers a basic idea of what equipment will be needed. The estimates are designed around the Fronius brand grid-tie inverters and Kyocera 215 Watt solar modules. Each system shows the inverter, solar modules, module grounding, array combiner, basic system monitoring equipment, utility meter and disconnect. The mounting system shown for each estimate is for the IronRidge XR rail mount system. These are configured for a roof mount but can easily be modified for a ground mount or pole mounts. If you have any special requirements or brand preferences, our sales staff will be happy to put together an estimate designed to your specifications. There is no charge for a system design. If you have any questions about grid-tie systems or if you would like a custom design, feel free to give us a call (800-383-0195) or email us and one of our sales representatives will contact you.

2150 Watt Grid Tie System Example Quote
5,160 Watt Grid Tie System Example Quote
7,740 Watt Grid Tie System Example Quote
10,320 Watt Grid Tie System Example Quote
20,640 Watt Grid Tie System Example Quote
Example Estimate For Enphase System

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