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Radio Noise Suppression Ferrite Filters

Snap-on Ferrite Filters For Radio and TV Noise Interference

Radio and TV interference from solar equipment and many DC operated items, especially fluorescent lights and solar charge controls is a growing problem. As more and more things "go digital", the amount of RF noise pollution is getting worse.

RFI/EMI noise radiated from DC and solar equipment can cause noise problems in AM radios, cell phones, cordless phones, TV/FM and sometimes in other electronic equipment.

Multiple units of same or different types may be used in severe cases. To achieve maximum EMI filtering performance in a given application, select a ferrite with an inner diameter most closely matching the outer diameter of the wire or wire bundle to be filtered. The in-circuit impedance may be substantially increased by passing two turns of the wire conductor through the ferrite cable core. A typical common mode application might have two conductors passed through a ferrite cable core. With equal and opposite currents flowing through the core, zero net bias is established through the component and, thus, maximum impedance is realized from the ferrite.

Ferrite suppressor cores are simple to use, and are comparatively economical in both price and space. Ferrite suppressors have been successfully employed for attenuating EMI in computers and related products, switching power supplies, electronic automotive ignition systems, garage doors openers, and fluorescent light, to name just a few.

Although we sell these mainly for use on DC solar power systems, they will work for many other applications where radio, cell phone, cordless phone, or TV interference is a problem.

When clamped on a cable, these 31 & 44 material cores attenuate conducted EMI from 5-1000 MHz. The one-piece case design permits secure mounting on the cable and ensures proper mating of core halves. Cases are polypropylene with a flammability rating of UL 94 V-O, and RoHS compliant.

For more information on noise elimination, also see our FAQ page on EMI reduction.

For lights, usually the best place is as near to the light as possible. For charge controllers you might need 2 - one should go on wires to the battery, as close as possible to the controller. You may also need one on the input side.

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