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Anderson Power Connectors, SB & Power Pole

Anderson Power Connectors High Current AC/DC

Anderson Power Products originated the SB (Storage Battery) connector design to provide high power handling and durability.

The SB 2-pole connector is available in 50, 175, and 350 amp ratings per pole for use to 600 volts continuous AC or DC operation. The SB housing is molded out of rugged UL94VO rated polycarbonate and, in conjunction with APP's flat wiping contacts, offers up to 10,000 mating cycles. The hermaphroditic design of these connectors allows SB connectors to be mated to each other, which simplifies the bills of material. Contacts are available individually for a wide range of wires. Mechanical keys prevents two different voltage coded color housings from mating - eliminates possibility of mismatching power supplies and electrical outlets.

Anderson Power Connectors

Flat wiping contacts allows for minimal contact resistance at high current. Wiping action cleans contact surface during disconnection. Polycarbonate housing with silver/tin plated copper contacts and stainless steel spring. Available for #6 up to #4/0 and 300 MCM wire and cable.

An SB connector consists of a housing with factory installed springs and a pair of loose contacts. SB housings and contacts may also be purchased separately by calling our store. This only shows our most popular items that are commonly used in solar electric systems.

There is NO Male or Female connector. Any connector will mate with any other connector of the same amp rating and color. You will need one connector set for EACH end.

For more information on the care, feeding, and general use of Anderson SB and PP connectors, see our Anderson Power Page

** Note on ordering Anderson Connectors: The housing and contacts for the PP Powerpole connectors are sold separately. The SB50, SB175 and SB350 2-pole connectors are sold as a set, which includes one housing and two contacts.

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