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Fronius Inverters for Grid-Tie Solar Electric Systems

We carry all Fronius solar inverter products - please call our sales office at 800 383-0195 for pricing on any products not listed here, and systems help.

All Fronius IG Plus Advanced inverters carry a 10 year warranty, with optional 15 year warranty.

Fronius manufactures three major types of grid tie solar inverters: The IG Plus V, the IG Plus Advanced and the Galvo. The IG Plus V and Advanced have many improvements over the older IG, such as being configurable for either standard household 120/240 volt service, or for 208 Volt 3-phase commercial and industrial service. The IG Plus V inverter line is going to be phased out for the newer IG Plus Advanced and Galvo models.

The latest and greatest Fronius grid-tie inverters are the IG Plus Advanced, which are fully NEC and UL compliant. They come with built-in ground fault protection, DC reverse polarity protection, islanding protection, over temperature protection, and arc-fault circuit protection. Available in both single phase and three phase AC models, they are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The newest Galvo inverters are also fully NEC and UL compliant. They come with overload protection, arc-fault protection, ground fault protection and islanding protection. It's also comes standard with Wi-Fi capablility with included web monitoring via the Solar.web portal. Designed for single phase AC, small to medium sized residential applications. We should be carrying the Galvo models very soon!

Our Spring and Summer office hours are from 8 AM to 4 PM, MST, Mon-Fri. We are closed for major holidays. If you are in the Flagstaff area, please stop by our store and visit - map link: Get Map to Store