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Meters: Volt, Amp, Battery Monitors, Shunts

Battery Monitors, Voltage & Amp meters, DC Shunts, Kill-A-Watt Meters

Deep cycle battery state of charge monitors, meters, high amperage shunts, power monitors, DC voltmeters.

Deep Cycle Battery Monitors, Meters, Current Shunts

We carry a wide variety of battery monitor systems, meters, shunts, and other accessories for keeping track of what is going on with your deep cycle battery system. We sell most of these for off-grid & RV/Marine solar systems, but they will work with just about any deep cycle battery system.

We also stock the popular P3 International Kill-A-Watt AC power monitor.

Shunts Shunts are required for most battery system monitors, including the Xantrex TM500 and the TriMetric. These are the same shunts that are supplied by Xantrex, Outback Power & Blue Sea. Some monitor systems come with a shunt included.

Trimetric Battery Monitoring System
PentaMetric 3-Channel Battery Monitor System
Magnum Energy Battery Monitor Kit
Regular Price: $219.00
Our Sale Price: $167.20
MidNite Solar  MNBCMS Battery Capacity Meter
Regular Price: $69.00
Our Sale Price: $51.25
Outback Power Flexnet-DC System Monitor
Regular Price: $379.00
Our Sale Price: $274.80
Kill-A-Watt AC Power Monitor Meter
Price: $26.15
Focus kWh Meter 240V
Price: $70.00
Meter Cable 4-pair shielded tray cable
Regular Price: $1.72
Our Sale Price: $0.95
6-Wire (3-pair) Tray Cable #16 AWG shielded
Price: $1.35
Deltec 100 amp, 100 millivolt current shunt
Price: $24.00
Deltec 500 amp, 50 millivolt current shunt
Price: $27.00
Blue Sea DC Analog Ammeter, 0 to 15 Amps
Price: $45.68
Blue Sea DC Analog Ammeter, 0 to 25 Amps
Price: $34.63
Blue Sea 8017 DC Analog Ammeter, 0 to 100 Amps
Price: $72.23
Blue Sea 8003 Analog Volt Meter 8-16VDC
Price: $29.70
Blue Sea 8240 DC Analog Voltmeter 18-32 VDC
Price: $44.06
Blue Sea single meter panel mount
Price: $32.87
Blue Sea Digital Volt & Amp Meter with Alarms
Price: $189.75

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