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OutBack Power Inverters

Outback Power Sine Wave Inverters

OutBack Power Sine Wave Inverters: Off-Grid, Grid-Tie, & Export

OutBack inverter/chargers are the next generation in advanced power management. Each is a DC to AC sine wave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch housed within a tough die-cast aluminum chassis.

Just like the utility grid, Outback inverters produce true sine wave AC electricity for your stand-alone or back-up power needs. Computers, TVs and pumps are just some of the examples of modern electronics that last longer and run better when powered with true sine wave electricity from an OutBack inverter. Starting up your well pump is worry-free because of our high surge power capability.

Batteries and generators (and generator fuel) are the costly consumables when using inverters to generate electricity. The integrated smart battery charger uses multiple stages to perform quick recharging while prolonging battery life, saving your batteries and generator from unnecessary wear. Automatic switching between AC power sources is seamless due to an AC transfer switch that reacts in less than 16 milliseconds.

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Relay Generator Start 12 Volt Single Pole Double Throw
Price: $7.75
Socket for Generator Start Relay
Price: $4.50

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