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RV,Van, Marine Kit With 280 Watts of DC Power

RV,Van, Marine Kit With 280 Watts of DC Power

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Item No: RVKIT-02

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RV, Van, Marine Kit With 280 Watts DC Power

This kit is perfect for small 12 volt battery systems, RV and marine applications. It comes with almost everything you need to complete the installation. If you have a small 12 volt battery system in a van, RV, boat or cabin that you would like to supplement the charging with solar, this kit is perfect. It comes with two Kyocera 140 watt solar modules with junction boxes, SunSaver 20 controller with LVD and load terminals, MNPV3 PV combiner box, baby box circuit breaker enclosure, two 15 amp circuit breakers, two 30 amp circuit breakers, 40 feet of #10 AWG outdoor rated wire, and 8 z-bracket mounting feet for the solar modules. The charge controller is rated for marine environments, so the kit will work well in salt water environments as well. The charge controller will only work with a maximum of two KD140SX solar modules.

Kit Contents

Note: Kyocera makes more than one model of the KD140SX solar module. The model that comes with this kit will be determined by which ones we currently have in stock. Electrically, the different models are all identical. All Kyocera KD140SX modules produce the same amount of power.

Warranty Information:

  • Kyocera KD140SX-UFBS: 10 years workmanship, 25 years at 80% power output
  • Morningstar SunSaver Controllers: 5 years
  • Morningstar ProStar Controllers: 5 years
  • MidNite Solar MNPV3 PV Combiner Box: 5 years
  • MidNite Solar Baby Box: 5 years

Note: Every solar system installation is different. While this kit contains almost everything you need, you will have to provide some of your own materials. For example, you may want to purchase some wire nuts for splicing wire in the baby box enclosure. You may also want some connection terminals for fastening the wire to the charge controller and solar module. The z-bracket mounts come with the hardware to attach them to the solar module but you will need to provide the hardware to fasten the brackets to whatever surface you're mounting it to.

Disclaimer: Please be aware of how much energy production you need to offset your energy use. If you draw down the charge on your batteries below 50%, you will most likely cause permanent damage to them. Batteries are too expensive to guess at the numbers. We cannot be held responsible if you choose a kit that is too small for your needs. If you have any questions or need help determining how much energy you need, please email us or call and one of our sales staff will be happy to help you.



Specification SheetKyocera KD140SX Specification Sheet

SpecificationsSunSaver Specifications

SpecificationsMNPV3 Specifications

Dimensional DrawingBaby Box Dimensional Drawing

Wiring DiagramWiring Diagram

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