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Shurflo DC Water Pumps, Shurflo Repair Parts

Since 1968, Shurflo has produced small high performance pumps and fluid handling equipment for the RV market. These pumps are often used in RV, boats, and off-grid homes for water delivery and sometimes to provide house pressure. Because they are a vane type pump (not positive displacement), flow drops off fairly steep as pressure goes up.

The Shurflo 2088 & 8000 series delivery pumps are good for medium to light duty use, and under normal conditions can be expected to last from 5 to 10 years before any maintenance is required (rebuild and parts kits are available). These pumps are intended for use with fresh clean water only, and are not suitable for use with other liquids, such as gasoline, pest sprayers, salt water, or chemicals.

If you need a heavy duty and/or positive displacement pump, we suggest you look at the Conergy Slowpumps - it costs more, but will last for years if properly installed.

Note: These are the only Shurflo pumps that we sell. Shurflo will not sell us some pumps, such as agriculture or spray washer pumps. If you need service or information on other pumps please contact Shurflo directly. Many of the repair parts listed will fit other models.

Shurflo 9300 Submersible Pump and Accessories
Shurflo 2088 Series Pumps and Accessories
Shurflo 8000 Series Delivery Pump and Accessories
Shurflo 5050 Series Diaphragm Pumps
Shurflo Extreme Sensor Pumps
Shurflo Model 100 water fixture pump
Price: $46.50
Shurflo 4111-035 Power Twin 12 Volt Pump
Price: $394.97

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