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Trojan Renewable Energy Series Deep Cycle Batteries

Trojan Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

Trojan Renewable Energy Series Deep Cycle Batteries

Trojan Deep Cycle Solar Batteries for Renewable Energy Systems

The Trojan RE series are a tougher version of deep cycle batteries specially designed for renewable energy storage. ** Note that the Trojan RE seried carry a different extended warranty when used in a solar electric system than do the standard Trojan batteries - see link at bottom of page for details.

Trojan RE Series Deep Cycle Batteries for Solar & Renewable Energy Systems

Part Number Volts AH @ 20 HR Rate AH @ 100 HR Rate Length Width Height Weight (lb)
T105-RE 6 225 250 10.375" 7.125" 11.75" 67
L16RE-A 6 325 360 11.575" 7.125" 17.7" 115
L16RE-B 6 375 410 11.575" 7.125" 17.7" 118
L16RE-2V 2 1110 1235 11.575" 7.125" 17.7" 119

With over 80 years of experience, Trojan Battery - the most trusted name in deep cycle technology - has made the industry's best-performing batteries even better. Trojan's Renewable Energy (RE) Series (L16RE-2V, L16RE-A, L16RE-B and the new T105-RE) is a line of advanced deep cycle batteries optimized for renewable energy applications such as solar/photovoltaic, small wind, and micro-hydro.

Trojan's RE Series is available in 2-volt and 6-volt sizes and offers brand new features and benefits unmatched in the industry:

  • DuraGrid™ technology provides a 10-year design life (8 years for T105-RE) and provides excellent charge efficiency
  • Maxguard® XL Advanced Design Separator is 30% thicker and stronger, resists stratification, extends life and lowers overall maintenance costs
  • Alpha Plus® paste formulation promotes longer life and optimum performance
  • Polyon™container - the ultra-rugged case design stands up to the harshest of environments
  • High capacity 2V battery - the L16RE-2V battery minimizes battery connections and lowers installation cost
  • Lower specific gravity improves charge performance and extends life
  • Best-in-class limited warranty - 7 years for L16RE-2V, - A, and -B; 5 years for T105-RE
We can special order the following deep cycle batteries, typically 2-3 days extra for shipping: T-605, T-105, T-125, T-145, L16P-AC, L16H-AC, SCS150, SCS200, SCS225.

Trojan T105-RE 6 Volt, 225 AH Deep Cycle Battery
Price: $174.00
Trojan L16RE-A 325 AH Deep Cycle Battery
Price: $305.00
Trojan L16RE-B 370 AH Deep Cycle Battery
Price: $348.00
Trojan L16RE-2V 1110 AH 2-Volt Deep Cycle Battery
Price: $353.00
Battery Carrying Handle for Crown and Trojan Batteries
Price: $4.00
Trojan RE Series Warranty Information
Trojan Battery Sizing Guide
Trojan Battery Maintenance Guide

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