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Schneider Electric Inverters - Sinewave (XW) & Modified Sine Wave (TR)

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The Xantrex SW, SW-Plus, and DR inverters have been discontinued. The SW/SW+ line has been replaced with the new Schneider Electric XW inverters. The DR series has been replaced with the new TR (Trace) inverters.

As the global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric provides complete photovoltaic solutions for any size installation, from grid‐tie residential rooftops and utility‐scale farms to off‐grid solar and battery backup application. Their innovative products help you to get the most efficient solar harvest from your installation.

Schneider Electric acquired Xantrex’s Xantrex s solar products in 2008. Xantrex continues to manufacture RV and Mobile products, but all solar equipment is designed and manufactured by Schneider Electric.

For Conext TX grid‐tie inverters, see the “Grid Tie” section button at left.

We carry the complete line of Schneider Electric. Some of the export versions are not listed here, but we have or can get almost any Schneider product currently available.

Conext XW Sine Wave Inverters and Accessories
Schneider Electric Conext SW Pure Sine Wave Inverters and Accessories
Schneider Electric TR Series Modified Sine Wave Inverters/Chargers
Schneider Electric Solar Charge Controllers
Schneider Electric US Solar Website: Specifications and Information for All Schneider Renewable Products

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