2 Conductor #12 AWG stranded outdoor wiring cable

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#12 AWG Two Conductor Stranded Solar Panel Wire

NOTE: No returns or refunds on CUT wire or cable. No Exceptions!! - So please make sure you order the correct item - if you're not sure, call or email us.

Tray Cable: This is the standard wire for all outdoor solar panel wiring applications. NEC approved for AC and DC wiring up to 600 volts. It is commonly used for wiring solar panels, and from the solar panels to the charge controller and batteries. Water and sunlight resistant. Class B stranded (7 strand), .227" x .361" diameter. UL approved for use without conduit. Also known as type TC (tray cable). Complies with NEC article 340 and 690 and is rated as sunlight and moisture resistant. Suitable for direct burial. Colors may be White/Black, White/Red, or Black/Black. We recommend #10 or #12 for wiring most solar electric panels with junction boxes, and #8 for higher amperage or long runs from the solar panel combiner or junction box to the charge controller or battery system. For utility tie (grid tie) where much higher voltages are involved at lower current, you can usually use #12 for all wiring from the solar panels to the inverter unless it is a very long run or you have a very large PV array.

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