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1.5" Heat Shrink UL Listed for 2/0 AWG - Available in Red and Black

1.5" Heat Shrink UL Listed for 2/0 AWG - Available in Red and Black
SKU: HBT-7515-XX

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1.5 Inch UL Listed Heat Shrink for 2/0 (00) AWG Wire

NOTE: We can also get heat shrink in 4ft. lengths. Please email us or call if you're interested.

The Magna Tube brand heat shrink is factory cut to 1.5" lengths and it's available in both red and black (select the desired color from the drop-down menu). We recommend using a heat gun with this product. Do not use a flame (lighter, torch, etc.) to activate the heat shrink. Fire can potentially damage the tubing.

MagnaTube Brand Heat Shrink:

  • Made of Polyolefin
  • Shrink ratio is 3:1
  • Waterproof seal
  • Double wall with extra meltable sealant.
  • Premium quality for heavy duty applications or for use in abusive environments requiring protection from abrasion.
  • Inner surface lined with adhesive sealant which melts when heated: permanently seals connection as tube cools and shrinks.
  • Conforms to DOD Mil-DTL-23053/15A Class 1 and 2 specifications. 1.5" 2/0 AWG UL Listed
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Additional Information

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