9.6kW EV Charging System - 9.6kW of REC Solar, Sol Ark 12K Inverter and 40A Pulsar Plus charger with Pytes-V5 Batteries


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9.6kW EV Solar+Battery Charging System Supports

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This grid-interactive kit includes 9600W of solar that can be dedicated to charging your electric vehicle. It can produce up to 20 amps of renewable EV charging power that can instantaneously be directed to an electric vehicle via the Wallbox Pulsar Plus charge station. This kit is grid interactive as well, unused solar power can go back into the home and offset loads or even exported to the grid to turn back your meter and gain you energy credits (with interconnection agreement). With the Zero export feature (no interconnection agreement), the system can automatically limit solar output so that no excess is fed to the grid. The whole system can be configured to suit your application.

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