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  • How to Install an Off-Grid Solar System

    DISCLAIMER: This is only an installation overview and is not meant to be a comprehensive guide. All systems are different, and therefore no single set of instructions can be used to cover all options and configurations. Do not attempt to install your own solar system if you are not comfortable working with electricity and tools. Northern Arizona Wind and Sun is not responsible for anything that happens during the installation process.

    Before you start installing your new off-grid solar system, let's first discuss safety. Continue reading

  • Determining Optimum Solar Panel Tilt Angle

    Copyright 2015 by Northern Arizona Wind and Sun

    Solar Panel Tilt Angle:
    How to Determine the Optimum Position for your Solar Panel

    One of the most common questions when installing a solar system is where to point the panel to get the most energy from the system. This is true of solar thermal, reflective collectors and photovoltaic alike. It's really a question of optics and planetary science, but you won’t need an advanced scientific degree to understand. Continue reading

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