BLUETTI AC180P Premium Series Portable Power Station

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BLUETTI AC180P Solar Portable Power Station

The BLUETTI AC180P Portable Power Station – the ultimate powerhouse designed to meet your portable energy needs. Whether you're heading off-grid for a camping adventure, preparing for emergencies, or looking for a reliable backup power source for your daily activities, the AC180P ensures you stay connected and powered up.

The BLUETTI AC180P Portable Power Station is a versatile and indispensable companion for all your energy needs, ensuring you have dependable power at your fingertips. Whether it's for an outdoor expedition or securing your home against unexpected outages, the AC180P is your all-in-one solution for clean, portable power.

Key Features:

  • High-Capacity Battery: Offers a substantial battery capacity capable of powering a wide range of devices, from smartphones and laptops to portable refrigerators and power tools.
  • Multiple Output Ports: Equipped with a variety of output ports, including AC, DC, USB-A, and USB-C, this power station accommodates an array of electronics and appliances with ease.
  • Solar Charging Compatible: Designed to work seamlessly with solar panels, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly recharging option for long outdoor stays or emergency situations.
  • Robust & Portable Design: Features a rugged exterior that withstands the challenges of outdoor adventures while being compact and lightweight for easy transport.
  • User-Friendly Display: An intuitive LCD display provides essential information such as battery status, output levels, and charging progress, keeping you fully informed.


  • Dependable Power Source: Delivers reliable and consistent power to keep essential devices running during blackouts or when exploring off-grid locations.
  • Eco-Friendly & Quiet: Operates without emissions, providing a clean alternative to traditional generators, and runs quietly, making it suitable for campsites and residential areas.
  • Versatile Applications: Powers a broad range of electronics and appliances, making it ideal for camping, RV trips, home backup, and outdoor events.
  • Simple Operation: Intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface make managing power usage easy, even for those new to portable power stations.

Tech Spec:

  • Capacity: 1,440Wh (36Ah)
  • Output AC Outlets: 4 x 120V/15A, 1800W In Total
  • Output Surge Power: 2700W
  • Input AC power (turbo model): 1440W
  • Solar Input: 500W Max., VOC 12-60VDC, 10A
  • Max Input: 1,440W
  • Recharge Times, AC: 1.3-1.8 Hours
  • Recharge Times, Solar panel(s)(500W): 2.8-3.3 Hour

What's in the box

  • One: Portable Power Station
  • One: AC Charging Cable (16AWG, 1800mm)
  • One: Car Charging Cable (16AWG, 720mm)
  • One: Solar Charging Cable (16AWG, 1500mm)
  • One: Grounding screw (M5*10)
  • User Manual
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