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Brady Instruments #1-77-8 Battery Hydrometer

Brady Instruments #1-77-8 Battery Hydrometer
SKU: Brady-1-77-8


Brady Instruments #1-77-8 Battery Hydrometer

This Century Old Hydrometer Design allows the user ACCURATE and RELIABLE readings for a lifetime. Its compact, heavy-duty design can monitor your flooded lead-acid batteries for decades if properly used. Works well with large or small batteries. Flexible Rubber Tip allows for use in tight spaces. Use with an optional wall mount/drip cup system to keep the breakage and the mess to a minimum.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Heavy Duty and Compact
  • 1.100-1.300 Specific Gravity Range at 77° F
  • Distortion Free Glass Barrel
  • Professional Grade Rubber Parts
  • 7" Flexible Tip
Assembly Instructions: 1. WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES! 2. Lubricate all glass and rubber parts with water before assembly. 3. With a firm, twisting motion, insert glass barrel into bulb. The barrel lip should seat into a groove inside the bulb. 4. Gently insert the Hydrometer Float. 5. With a firm, twisting motion, insert the other end of the glass barrel into the rubber tip. The barrel lip should seat into the bottom of the rubber tip.
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Additional Information

SKU Brady-1-77-8
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