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Schneider Electric C12 12 Amp Solar Charge Controller

Schneider Electric C12 12 Amp Solar Charge Controller
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Schneider Electric C12 Solar Charge Controller- 12 Amp. 12 VDC

12 amp 12 volt multi stage PWM solar charge controller, auto lighting controller and DC load controller with status LED's, low battery disconnect, overcurrent protection, and adjustable setpoints.

The C12 charge, lighting, or load controller is uniquely sophisticated. As a charge controller, it features three-stage charging, user definable voltage parameters, and automatic equalization. Standard in the C12's load control circuitry are field adjustable low voltage disconnect and reconnect points, along with a five minute low battery disconnect warning. The C12 also functions as a lighting controller. Lighting run time is adjustable from 2 to 8 hours or can be set from dusk to dawn operation. It is used worldwide in a variety of applications, including remote village lighting systems and automatic outdoor lighting in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. An optional battery temperature sensor ensures precise battery charging regardless of battery temperature fluctuations.

Product Features:

Ensures your batteries are always charged
Silent, pulse width modulated microprocessor control (maximizing battery life)
Field adjustable voltage and battery set points
Electronic protection against short-circuit, overload, over temperature and reverse polarity conditions

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Additional Information

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