Pytes/Fortress eFLEX Battery to Victron Inverter | HomeGrid battery to Sol-Ark Inverter for Close-loop Communication

CANbus Cable 2

Note: Please note that the actual cable will come with one modified blue boot end. That blue boot end will plug into the Inverter.

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Pytes/Eflex to Victron inverter | HomeGrid battery to Sol-Ark Inverter

Close-loop Battery to Inverter cable for the following combinations: Pytes with Victron inverter, Eflex with Victron, and HomeGrid with Sol-ark . Approximate length is 10 feet.

Please refer to the battery integration guide for installation guide and configuration settings. The end with the Black RJ45 end will plug into the inverter and the Blue RJ45 end will go into the inverter. For HomeGrid to Sol-ark you will plug the Blue RJ45 into the battery bank and the Black RJ45 into the Sol-ark inverter.

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SKUCANbus Cable 2