Carlo Gavazzi EM530 Split phase or 3 phase Energy Meter with external Split core CTs 250 amp 2x


For US applications System less than 65A please look at the EM540 meter.

For systems greater than 250 amps you will need to purchase larger CTs. Please refer to the manufacture manual for CT options.

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Power Meter (EM530)

A power meter from Carlo Gavazzi unlocks full suite of Energy Management Solutions, and makes your Pulsar Plus future-ready for all software upgrades without needing additional hardware. Enjoy enhanced savings and cleaner energy use, with solar EV charging and dynamic load balancing features.


  • Voltage inputs up to 415 VL-L AC, self-powered Used in Split phase 120/240 vac or three phase 208 Vac system
  • Current and voltage THD (up to 15th harmonic)
  • Energy measurements (imported/exported): total kWh, kvarh, kVAh; partial kWh, kvarh, kVAh. Total kWh by phase
  • Run hour meters (both imported and exported energy: 8+2 DGT). Total operating time
  • EM530: Class 0.5S (kWh), class 2 (kvarh). Current inputs via 5A current transformers (max primary current 10,000A)
  • Programmable display and slide show function
  • RS485 Modbus output

Wallbox application:

The power meter, and included CT clamps, can be installed along with your Pulsar to unlock Full-Green Mode, Eco-smart, Power Boost and Power Sharing features.

  • Full-Green Mode: Use exclusively green energy( Solar) to charge your car.
  • Eco Mode: Minimize the use of grid power while charging your EV by combining it with any surplus green energy ( Solar) available.
  • Power Boost: Always charge at the highest speed possible, based on your home’s real-time power demand. When a lot of appliances are turned on, Power Boost slows your charge to stay within your grid’s power capacity. When one or more of those appliances turn off, Power Boost redirects that power to your EV once again. The result is an optimized charge for maximum efficiency and safety.
  • Dynamic Power Sharing: Dynamic power sharing monitors your building’s available power and distributes it between all connected EVs. No need for expensive infrastructure upgrades or worrying about overloading your electricity supply.

Already have a Pulsar Plus? The meter can easily be fitted to your existing installation and you can start using Wallbox Energy Management Solutions right away!

Victron Applications:

The Carlo Gavazzi Energy Meter is used to measure voltage and energy used from the grid and loads connected before the Victron inverter. The energy meter can also be used to measure PV production from microinverters, or string inverters connected with a Victron system. This data can then be displayed on the Cerbo GX display and VRM portal.

Victron Energy Meter is required for Victron Energy Storage System (ESS) applications.

This energy meter can be configured and used for the following applications:

  • Controlling an ESS system based on grid input.
  • Measuring the output of a PV inverter
  • Measuring the output of an AC generator
  • Measuring the output of an inverter or inverter/charger

Please note this meter is designed to work with the Victron Energy GX series of system monitors (such as the Cerbo GX with RS485-USB cable). If you have any questions, please email us or give us a call.

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