Customer Testimonials

"Here's a company managed by people who will go the extra mile. I only ordered a few accessories, but they went through hoops to make sure I would receive them on time. In fact, they were ready to send me a second order without even charging my credit card just because they had sent over the wrong carrier and they wanted to ensure the package would get here on time. In the end, it all worked out, but needless to say that I was impressed. Kudos to Lynn and the entire team!!"
-Bernard L.

"Best solar energy source we've found. Super prices, fast shipping, brilliant DIY advice. Without these guys we would be in the dark. We have been 2 years running strong without issues."
-Art D.

"Great service and fast shipping. Wish I had know about you when I started the solar project on our RV. Parts arrive next day in Lake Havasu.
-Per M.

"I learned so much from the forum. The store had most of the stuff I needed at good prices. Highly recommend both."
-Debbi T.