Discover LYNK II Communication Gateway for AES LiFePO4, AES RACKMOUNT and AES PROFESSIONAL Batteries

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LYNK II Communication Gateway

LYNK II Communication Gateway aggregates and displays in real-time the State-of-Charge for Discover HELIOS and AES LiFePO4 batteries. Unlock the full potential of these lithium batteries by enabling them to optimize the charging configurations of the world's best off-grid inverter-chargers and solar charge controllers. Turn a good solar system into a great one with up to 25% improvement in 0% to 100% SoC recharging time. Remotely monitor SoC and data log multiple sites using the data monitoring services offered by off-grid inverter systems.


  • Real-Time Data
  • Faster Charging
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Full Compatibility
  • Status View
  • Maximize the battery
  • Programmable relays
  • Simple service

Compatible Batteries

  • AES LiFePO4: 7.4kWh 48V (42-48-6650), 3.0kWh 48V (44-48-3000), 2.8kWh 24V (44-24-2800)
  • AES RACKMOUNT: 48-48-5120, 48-48-5120-H

Available Configurations for Hybrid Inverter Chargers

  • Victron Energy - Color Control GX, Venus GX, and VE.CAN enabled devices
  • Sol-Ark - 8K Hybrid, 12K Hybrid
  • Schneider Electric - Context gateway and Xanbus enabled devices
  • SMA Sunny Island - 4.4M, 6.0H, 8.0H, 4548-US, 6048-US
  • Studer Innotec - Xcom-CAN compatible devices
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