Dielectric Silicone Grease

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Silicone Grease, 5 Ounce Tube

Helps prevent corrosion on battery terminals, and keep moisture out of sensitive electrical connections. Use on spark plug wires, connectors, trailer hitch connections and other areas that may be exposed to water, condensation, or corrosion. Also used to grease O-rings in pumps. Silicone grease is much better than almost any other product for preventing corrosion on battery terminals and lugs because it has such a wide temperature range and will not liquify at higher temperatures or summer heat - unlike automotive grease, Vaseline, etc. Often used in wet or very humid areas, especially in marine applications to prevent contact corrosion in connectors. Same stuff that the US Navy uses for outdoor antenna connectors etc. It is Silicone based, not petroleum based, so will not flow or "drip" at high temperatures. Rated for -40°F to 400°F (-40°C to 204°C). Safe on nearly all plastics and rubber including Viton O-Rings.

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