Enfusion Energy Blender 2500 PV and AC Power Blender

Blender 2500
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Enfusion Energy Blender 2500

NOTE: The Blender 2500 must be installed in a shaded location away from any source of heat and moisture and in an area free of vegetation. Measures must also be made to protect the unit from damage by unauthorized persons, large animals, overgrowth, flooding or other harm. The Blender 2500 should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The ideal location for the unit is underneath the solar panels.

The Blender 2500 seamlessly blends energy between a solar array and the power grid. It is ideally suited for applications that require 24/7 or some nighttime operation, particularly in areas with high energy costs. The Blender represents a cost effective way to intelligently supplement solar power with controllable nighttime operation without the expense of adding batteries.

During full solar irradiance, the Blender will draw maximum power from the PV array. As cloud cover or impending darkness reduce the level of solar irradiance, the system automatically makes up the difference by drawing from the grid. Once it is dark, the system can draw all of its power from the grid. In high energy cost areas this allows for both power firming during the day and full nighttime operation while consuming as little power from the grid as possible.

Typical applications include swimming pool pumps, well pumps, solar decorative fountains, aerators and waste water treatment systems.

  • Run installed or new AC motor/pump/compressor with free solar power.
  • Intelligently blends energy input from solar PV and power grid.
  • Maintains full power 24/7 while minimizing power costs.
  • Simple installation, weatherproof, durable and automatic.
  • No circuit panel installation required, plugs in as simple outlet load.
  • Universal compatibility single/three-phase, 50/60Hz, 120/240V.
  • Maintains full variable frequency drive (VFD) operation while blending inputs.
  • Corrects poor quality grid power/voltage.
  • Made in the USA.

Warranty: 2 years

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