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Fronius Galvo 1.5-1 1,500 Watt Grid-Tie Inverter

Fronius Galvo 1.5-1 1,500 Watt Grid-Tie Inverter
SKU: GALVO 1.5-1


Fronius Galvo 1.5-1 1,500 Watt Residential Solar Grid-Tie Inverter

Fronius Galvo 1,500 Watt, isolated string solar grid-tie inverter.

The Fronius Galvo inverters are perfect for small to mid-size grid-tie solar applications and available in a range of output power from 1,500 VA up to 3,100 VA. If you want to start out with a small system while having the ability to increase capacity at a later date, the Galvo series has you covered. The inverters can be combined in parallel by using the Fronius Solar Net input and output connections. This establishes a communications ring for the paralleled inverters which allows them to work together. The Galvo inverters are also "smart grid" ready. This means they come with advanced communication features that allow the inverter to better integrate and share performance data with your utility company. Over a 20 year period, the inverters will be able to keep up to date with smart grid technology via software updates and/or expansion cards. The Galvo series is NEC 2014 compliant in addition to having built-in arc-fault circuit interrupt (AFCI) and ground fault detector interrupt (GFDI) capabilities. This means the inverter will not raise any issues with your local electrical inspector or utility company. It's fully compliant with all applicable regulations (see below for the full list). In addition, the Galvo is Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Ethernet ready out of the box and comes with free monitoring software that you can access from a computer or your smartphone.


  • Recommended PV Power: 1,200 - 2,400 Watts
  • Nominal Input Voltage: 260 Volts DC
  • Min./Max. Input Voltage: 120 / 420 Volts DC
  • DC Startup Voltage: 140 Volts DC
  • DC Conductor Sizes Accepted: #14 AWG to #6 AWG solid copper or aluminum and stranded / fine copper.
  • AC Conductor Sizes Accepted: #14 AWG to #6 AWG copper or #6 AWG solid aluminum
  • AC Nominal Output Power: 1,500 Volt Amps (VA)
  • Max. Output Current @ 240 Volts: 7.1 Amps
  • Grid Connection: 208, 220, and 240 Volts
  • Frequency: 60 Hz (Range: 45 - 65 Hz)
  • Power Factor Range: 0.85 - 1 inductive/capacitive
  • Max Efficiency: 95.8%
  • Protection Class: NEMA 4X for outdoor locations
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 24.7 x 16.9 x 8.1 inches
  • Weight: 36.05 lbs.
  • Cooling: Variable speed fan
  • DC Disconnect is included
  • Built-in Wi-Fi capability

Certificates and Compliance with Standards: UL 1741-2010, UL1998 (for functions: AFCI, GFDI and isolation monitoring), IEEE 1547-2003, IEEE 1547.1-2003, ANSI/IEEE C62.41, FCC Part 15 A & B, NEC Article 690, C22. 2 No. 107.1-01 (September 2001) , UL1699B Issue 2 -2013, CSA TIL M-07 Issue 1 -2013.

10 year warranty

Additional Information

Additional Information

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