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Fullriver Battery DC105-12 Sealed AGM Deep Cycle 12 Volts 105Ah

Fullriver Battery DC105-12 Sealed AGM Deep Cycle 12 Volts 105Ah
SKU: DC105-12


Fullriver Battery 12 Volts 105 Amp-hours Deep Cycle AGM

Full River 12 Volt, 105 Amp hour Absorbed Glass Mat battery, Non-Spillable, AGM, Valve Regulated Lead Acid, Rechargeable Battery.

When it comes to Deep Cycle batteries, the details matter. Construction, plate chemistry, and craftsmanship all have to be in sync to get the longest life in the most demanding applications. Because of the environments where Fullriver DC AGM batteries are used, we work closely with our customers to ensure our construction standards are geared to meet your needs. We use more lead in creating stronger connections between cells, heavier plates to increase our reserve capacity, and have formulated our batteries to maximize life cycles.

By taking these steps, the engineers and factory for Fullriver DC Series batteries have matched the highest standard for Deep Cycle VRLA batteries on the market. This has allowed us to craft out batteries to ensure they maintain their performance levels in the highest vibration and deepest discharge applications.

Whether you need deep cycling power for your Boat or RV; for your Solar and Wind power generator system; a consistent ride from your Electric Vehicles or Golf Cars; or a long lasting battery pack in your Floor Cleaning machine, Aerial Work Platforms or Pallet Truck, we have a battery that has been tested and proven the best in your Deep Cycle application.

And because it comes in a fully sealed, maintenance-free, corrosion-free package, Fullriver DC Series AGM batteries are an investment in making sure your battery pack enhances the quality of your machines. Fullriver DC Series AGM - The Battery that Makes Your Machine Better.

DC105-12 Specifications
Voltage  12 Volts
Amp-hour Capacity  105 @ 20 hour rate
Group Size  27
Terminal Type  M8 (w/ TP08 Brass AP Included)
Total Height  8.46" (215 mm)
Height  8.31" (211 mm)
Width  6.65" (169 mm)
Length  12.09" (307 mm)
Weight  67.0 lbs (30.4 kg)
Case Type  ABS Plastic - Flame Res Rating UL94-HB
Warranty  7 Years
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU DC105-12
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Fullriver DC105-12 Specifications

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