GoodWe GW5000-MS-US30 Grid Tied Inverter Single Phase with Tigo Rapid Shutdown Transmitter

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GoodWe GW5000-MS-US30 Grid Tied Inverter

We offer a wholesale program for qualifying installers and retailers. If you would like to apply, please see our partner program page for details.

The MS-US Series is a high-quality PV solution engineered to meet the demanding needs of U.S. homeowners. Allowing a maximum 16 A input current per string and supporting up to 160% DC oversizing, this product was created for long-term, trouble-free lifetime operation with maximum energy production. Built-in optimization effortlessly addresses complex rooftops and shaded areas without the need for traditional module-level optimizers, which add cost and complexity to the system.

GoodWe residential solutions deliver efficiency, reliability, and most importantly, security for homeowners. The MS-US has been designed to meet the stringent safety regulations of the U.S. market, including next-generation AFCI and rapid shutdown compliance to meet NEC 2017. The MS-US also offers optional of DC Type II Surge Protection with an event notification alarm, giving installers and homeowners greater peace of mind.


  • Built-in optimization eliminates the need for traditional optimizers
  • Integrated AFCI & Rapid Shutdown
  • 160% DC input oversizing for maximum power production
  • Larger power classes offer installers more options
  • Max. Input Voltage(V): 600
  • Max. Input Current per MPPT(A): 16
  • Number MPP trackers/Number of Strings per MPPT: 2/1
  • Weight (lbs): 55.1
  • Nominal Out Voltage (V): 211 to 264 @ 240 / 183 to 229 @208

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