Hoymiles Power HYS-6.0LV-USG1 HYS DC hybrid inverter


Please note: Every Hoymiles hybrid inverter requires a Gateway for proper operation. We recommend the Gateway DTS-WIFI-G1.

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Hoymiles Power HYS-6.0LV-USG1 HYS DC hybrid inverter

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The Hoymiles HYS-LV-USG1 Series represents a groundbreaking advancement in hybrid inverter technology, catering specifically to the burgeoning demands of the U.S. solar energy and energy storage market. These single-phase hybrid inverters are meticulously designed to facilitate the two-way conversion of electricity between AC and DC, thereby allowing for dynamic switching between various power sources based on energy production, pricing, and consumption needs.

This series showcases an exceptional range of power output, spanning from 3.8 kW to 11.5 kW, making it suitable for a diverse array of installation scenarios, from residential to small commercial solar-plus-storage projects. It boasts up to 32A of MPPT current, ensuring compatibility with all mainstream PV modules, and a remarkable peak efficiency of 97.6%, setting a new standard in the industry.

Further enhancing its appeal, the HYS-LV-USG1 series supports 120/240V backup power without the necessity for an external autotransformer. This feature, along with an industry-leading DC/AC ratio of 1.5, translates into lower overall system costs compared to equivalent capacity systems using different inverters​​. The series is also equipped with integrated arc fault protection and rapid shutdown functionality, ensuring unparalleled safety and reliability. Additionally, it features an intelligent Energy Management System (EMS) that supports modes such as self-consumption, economic, and backup, offering flexibility for diverse application scenarios.

For user convenience, the series includes capabilities for real-time system data monitoring and remote operations and maintenance via a transfer stick (DTS). Its compact and straightforward installation design makes it an ideal choice for seamlessly integrating into any hybrid system, thereby promoting energy independence and resilience in the face of evolving energy challenges​.

Hoymiles’ dedication to innovation is reflected in these hybrid inverters, which not only address the increased demand for solar energy and storage solutions but also contribute towards a sustainable, clean energy future. The company's global presence and specialization in MLPE solutions further emphasize its commitment to delivering high-performance, accessible products to homeowners and professionals worldwide.


  • Max. Efficiency 97.6%, CEC Efficiency 97.0%
  • Double MPPT tracker, up to 32A MPPT current
  • DC/AC ratio up to 150%
  • Ultralight for easy installation and space-saving
  • Support 120/240V backup power without external autotransformer
  • Seamless backup power for whole home or critical loads
  • Built-in dry contact flexibly set to earth fault alarm, load control or generator control
  • Integrated arc fault protection and rapid shutdown function


  • Battery Type: Li-ion / Lead-acid
  • Nominal Battery Voltage (V): 48
  • Voltage Range (V): 40-60
  • Max. Charge Current (A): 100
  • Max. Discharge Current (A): 100
  • Charging Strategy for Li-ion Battery: Self-adaption to BMS
  • Charging Curve: 3 Stages / Equalization
  • External Temperature Sensor: Optional

PV Input:

  • Max. PV Input Power (W): 9000
  • Max. PV Input Voltage (V: 550
  • Nominal Input Voltage (V): 380
  • MPPT Voltage Range (V): 125-500
  • Number of MPPTs: 2
  • Max. Number of PV String per MPPT: 1/1
  • Max. PV Input Current (A): 16/16
  • Short-circuit Current of PV Input (A): 20/20

AC Input and Output (On-grid):

  • Nominal Output Apparent Power (VA): 6000
  • Max. Output Apparent Power (VA): 6000
  • Max. Input Apparent Power (VA): 12000
  • Nominal AC Voltage (V): 240
  • Nominal Grid Frequency (Hz): 60
  • Max. Output Current (A): 25
  • Max. Input Current (A): 60

AC Output (Off-grid):

  • Max. Output Apparent Power (VA): 6000
  • Peak Output Apparent Power (VA): 12000, 10s
  • Nominal AC Voltage (V): 120 / 240 (split phase)
  • Nominal AC Frequency (Hz): 60
  • Max. Continuous Output Current (A): 25

Mechanical Data:

  • Dimensions (WxHxD)inches: 19.8 ×23.6 ×7.95 inch
  • Weight: 68.3 lbs (31 kg)
  • Mounting: Wall Mounting
  • Operation Temperature (℉): -13 to +149 (> 113, derating)
  • Communication with BMS: RS485, CAN
  • Communication with Meter: RS485
  • Communication Interface: RS485, Wi-Fi/Ethernet/4G (optional)
  • Cooling: Natural convection
  • Max Parallel: 10

10 Year Warranty

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