Hybrid Off-Grid / Grid-Tie Solar Kit - 3.3kW of REC Solar, 5kW Sol-Ark, and 10 kWh Pytes Lithium Battery Bank

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Hybrid Off-grid / Grid-tie Solar Kit

Note: If you are interested in placing an order for this Hybrid Off-grid / Grid-tie Solar Kit, please give us a call at (800) 383-0195 or email us.

Reduce your dependency on utility energy and eliminate high-energy costs by generating your own renewable energy. Offset peak energy costs and avoid power failure due to blackouts and grid inconsistency with the Sol-Ark 5K. This solar kit is custom designed by NAZ Engineers using the newest available equipment to create a turnkey solution.

This Hybrid off-grid / grid-tie solar energy system was designed for customers who are looking to add a solar array system with Energy Storage to their home whether or not you're Off-grid or Grid-tie. With 3360W of REC AA-Pure solar array, designed to generate about 8-17+ kWh/day(Sun hours depend). The power will flow into the hybrid Sol-Ark 5K inverter, where the Sol-Ark inverter will converts your solar array energy into usable AC power for your home when the modules are generating energy. With the built-in charge controller, the Sol-Ark will take the excess power from the array that is not needed for the loads and charge the battery bank.

Coupled with the solar array and ac-power, the Pytes battery bank can deliver up to 10.24kW of power(5.12kW per battery) to your loads, allowing for self-consumption, providing reliable energy and storage of excess power from the solar array. The built-in power management system in the Sol-Ark 5K provides the optimal charging/discharging operation by monitoring the home power usage status, PV power generation, grid power status and consumer electricity plan. With the Sol-Ark, you are able to program the inverter to "Time of Use", which gives you the ability to use the energy that was generated by your solar array. This helps minimize the grid power usage during peak power hours. In the event of a grid power failure, the Sol-Ark will isolate (island) the home from the grid, allowing dependent loads to stay powered and backed up.

What's included in this solution.

Note: Every solar system installation is different. While this kit contains almost everything you need, this kit does NOT come with a mount for the solar panels. There are many different types of mounts that can meet your needs but the most popular mounts for this type of system is a rail mount setup. Some of our customers prefer top-of-pole mounts and some prefer to build their own. If you need help choosing a mount for this kit, please contact us and we can determine which mount will best meet your needs and requirements.

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