Off-Grid Inverter Kit - 7kW Rosie Inverter

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MidNite Rosie Off-grid Inverter Kit

Note: If you are interested in placing an order for this Solar Energy Storage System, please give us a call at (800) 383-0195 or email us.

MidNite Solar is constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver the best possible products to their customers. This kits equipment was put together by NAZ Engineers to help you get started with the inverting side of your solar system.

The Rosie Inverter/Charger is a battery-based, DC-to-AC inverter and AC-to-DC charger for off-grid system. This system contains only the inverting components needed for a Off-gird system. The Rosie E-panel combined with the Rosie Backplate and the MNGP2 is everything you need to setup and mount your Rosie inverter. This kit still needs to be paired with a battery bank, a solar array and charge controller to help make a complete off grid solution.

What's included in this solution.

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