At NAZ, we value our customers and strive to be your trusted partner in the solar industry.


Who We Are

NAZ Solar Electric is a supplier and distributor of solar equipment based in Flagstaff, Arizona, with a proven track record since 1979. We have designed and provided technical support for residential and commercial customers across the U.S. and beyond.



How We Are Different

What sets us apart is our people. Take a look at our Google reviews to see how we go above and beyond to assist our customers. You can also check out customer stories on YouTube, on our social channels, or in our learning center. The owner and president, David Lauzon, is actively involved in making sure you are getting the best possible service.



Meet our team of engineers and solar application experts. They will guide you through the process of sourcing the right equipment for your needs, without using cookie-cutter quotes. We offer tailored solutions for off-grid to grid-tied residential, commercial, and industrial systems.


We provide personal support and technical assistance for the life of your system, including the system design, technical support, remote monitoring support, system configuration, schematics, and permitting assistance. We also have an in-depth learning center that we regularly update.


For every customer that purchases a remote monitoring system, our team is here to support you. We offer FREE system optimization and support. All you have to do is ask, and we will log into your account with you and help you dial in your settings to maximize your efficiencies. Contact our sales and engineering team.


We also offer several financing options and can provide support documentation as needed. Affirm, Zelle, Lightstream, andHomebridge are some of our options. Check out our Financing Options here.

Installer Network

If going the DIY route is not for you, we can suggest an installer who can take care of the hands-on part for you!

Partner Program

If you're an installer or retailer, our Partner Program offers a tiered discount program and a dedicated wholesale manager, among other benefits. You can read more about our wholesale pricing and partner program here.


Contact us at 800.383.0195, chat live on our website, or email our team at