Iota DLS-15: 12 Volt 15 Amp Regulated Battery Charger

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Iota 12 Volt Regulated Battery Charger, 15 Amps

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Available with built-in IQ4. The DLS-15 is recommended for deep cycle batteries in the 40 to 225 amp-hour range. Not recommended for the small motorcycle batteries, as it is possible to charge them too fast. The Iota DLS-15 will maintain the battery, delivering its full-rated current when the battery capacity falls sufficiently low. The voltage is set to deliver its maximum current for the necessary period of time to minimize undue stress to the battery caused by heating of its cells. This helps to ensure the longest possible life of the battery. Over time, as the battery nears its full capacity, the DLS-15 will automatically drop the current, providing a float-charge to the battery to prevent self-discharge of the cells. The DLS-15 features a Two-Step Voltage Jack which allows switching from a long-term float voltage of 13.6vdc to 14.2vdc for rapid charging by simply inserting the dual voltage plug (included) into the jack. (not available with the IQ4 version). The DLS-15 is also available with an IQ smart-controller already integrated into the unit which converts the charger into a 3-stage "smart" charger, increasing the performance of your DLS-15.

2 year warranty

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