Iota IQ-TURBO Plugin Controller for Rapid Charging Continually-Cycled Batteries


NOTE: The IQ Controllers are designed to work with the DLS 12V and 24V chargers. The only IQ Controller that will work with the 48V charger (DLS-54-13) is the IQ-54V. Please email us or give us a call if you have any questions.

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Iota IQ-TURBO For Rapid Charging Continually-Cycled Batteries

NOTE: The IQ-TURBO is designed for use with the DLS series converter/chargers.

Rapid Charging for Continually-Cycled Batteries. The IQ-Turbo delivers a powerful yet controlled BULK charge to help charge batteries in minimal time. Perfect for batteries that are used frequently but have limited time for re-chargoing from a generator, solar panel system, or other auxiliary supply.


The IQ Smart Charge Controller easily plugs into the Dual Voltage Jack of your IOTA DLS Battery Charger. Once plugged in, the IQ Smart Charge circuitry is automatically engaged and your IQ module will activate. Your DLS will now provide an automatic and trouble free charging profile to your batteries!

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