IronRidge BHW-MI-01-A1 Microinverter T-Bolt Bonding Hardware

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IronRidge T-Bolt Microinverter Bonding Hardware

These bolts are sold individually.

IronRidge microinverter bonding hardware contains one 1/4" x 3/4" bolt and nut. Two of these are required for a single microinverter. Use these bolts to bond compatible microinverters and power optimizers to the racking system.


Enphase - M250-72, M250-60, M215-60, C250-72, S230, S280
Darfon - MIG240, MIG300, G320, G640
Solar Edge - P300, P320, P400, P405, P600, P700, P730, P800p, P800s

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