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IronRidge UFO-CL-001-B Universal Fastening Object Module Clamp with Black Finish

IronRidge UFO-CL-001-B Universal Fastening Object Module Clamp with Black Finish


IronRidge UFO-CL-001 Universal Fastening Object Panel Clamp

UFO-CL-001-B, black finish; 4 UFO fasteners per kit.

The IronRidge universal fastening object (UFO) makes installing your rail mount system easier, faster, and less expensive. The clamps stand up on their own during installation which means it's no longer a two man job to fasten the modules into place. You simply place the UFO clamps where you need them and they're ready to tighten down to the module. It's no longer necessary to have someone adjust the clamps while another person positions the modules into place. The UFO clamps have a larger area that makes contact with the module frame which makes the installation stronger and more secure. The included bonding washer makes a solid electrical connection to the module frame and meets UL 2703 requirements. The T-bolt section of the clamp bonds to the rail, which creates a parallel connection between the module frame and the rail. The universal barrel bolt can be used on module frames with a height between 30 to 46 mm. In addition to functioning as a mid clamp, the UFO can also be used as an end clamp when paired with the correct size stopper sleeve.

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Additional Information

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