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IronRidge XR-10-132A Aluminum Solar Mounting Rail 11ft

IronRidge XR-10-132A Aluminum Solar Mounting Rail 11ft
SKU: XR-10-132A

NOTE: Please give us a call if you're interested in ordering the IronRidge XR-10 aluminum rails.

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IronRidge XR10 11 Foot Aluminum Solar Mounting Rail

Shipping Note: This item has to ship by truck freight.

NOTE: We are not currently stocking the XR10 rail but it's available for order. However, IronRidge requires a minimum purchase of 160 rails or else they charge a broken case fee of $50. So if you plan to purchase 160 or more rails, there is no charge. Otherwise, be sure to factor in a $50 charge on top of the price of the rail. We do stock the XR1000 rail in all lengths, so there is no extra fee involved.

Eleven foot piece (132 inches) of XR-10-1132A aluminum solar panel mounting rail.

The XR10 rail is specifically designed for residential installations. It can withstand extreme environments, including moderate winds and light snow loads, and span lengths of 6 feet. The XR rails are compatible with both flat and pitched roof styles and compatible with many different mounting accessories such as tilt legs, risers, flash feet, and slotted L-feet. You also have the option of installing an integrated ground system on the rail. IronRidge makes it very easy to create a completely code compliant ground system using the rail, which saves you a lot of time and money vs a traditional grounding system. The rail is manufactured using extruded 6105-T5 aluminum and is available in a clear anodized finish.

20 year warranty

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU XR-10-132A
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