E Panels

E Panels

E-Panels For Outback Power Inverters

E-Panel Model Outback Inverter Model Numbers
  GVFX3524   GVFX3648
VFX3524   GTFX3048
VFX2812 GTFX2524 VFX3648
FX2012T FX2524T FX3048T
MNE125STS     X
MNE250STS X    


E-Panels For Schneider Electric Inverters

E-Panel Model Schneider Electric Inverter Model
TR1512   TR2412 XW6048  
TR2424 TR1524 TR3624 XW4024 XW4548
MNE175DR/TR   X      
MNE250DR/TR X   X    
MNE175XW         X
MNE250XW       X  


E-Panels For Magnum Energy Inverters

The Magnum E-Panels made by Midnite Solar come with an inverter breaker, 2/0 inverter cables, pre-wired AC input and bypass, 500amp 50mV shunt, AC terminal blocks, 100 amp DC positive and DC negative bus bars, PV input bus bar, din rails, 3 panel mount breaker knockouts, Ground bus bar, DC wiring cover, top shield, remote display mounting bracket, wall mounting brackets, charge controller bracket and lots of hardware and grommets.


E-Panel Model Magnum Inverter Model Numbers
MMS1012AE RD2212      
MM1524AE MS4024      
MM1212AE MS2812     RD2824
MM612AE MS2012 MS4024PAE MS4448PAE RD1824
MNE125STMM X        
MNE175STM         X
MNE250STM   X      
MNE175ALM         X
MNE250ALM   X      
MNE175STM-240       X  
MNE250STM-240     X    


MidNite Solar Nottagutter System

We do not normally stock the Notagutter enclosure and components. However, if you're interested in the Notagutter system and compatible models of E-Panels, feel free to email us or call and one of our sales staff will be happy to help you. We can order any MidNite Solar equipment. For items we do not stock, it can take up to 2 weeks lead time before shipping.