Exeltech Sine Wave Inverters

Exeltech Sine Wave Inverters

All Exeltech products are manufactured in the USA (Texas) - 100% designed and manufactured in their Fort Worth plant - right down to the PC boards, transformers, and enclosures.

We have been selling Exeltech inverters for over 15 years, and we have never had one single report of any failure of any type. In fact, we have never even heard of one going bad that was not grossly abused (i.e. like hooking the battery terminals to AC power).

Exeltech inverters have an MTBF (mean time between failure) in excess of 20 years and offer the most competitively priced ultra-reliable true sine inverters available anywhere. Exeltech provides back up power for the communications room in every U.S. Embassy, worldwide.

Exeltech inverters have the best pure sine wave output of any small to medium sized inverter and seem to be almost indestructible under normal or even abnormal use. Exeltech also has the best warranty and repair policy of any inverter manufacturer that we know of (Exeltech quote):
...We also still support and repair units from 20 years ago, and do so for a flat fee. Case in point: If you accidentally reverse connections on an XP1100 inverter you bought in 1994, or an MX module from 1993 .. or even an old SI1000 from 1991, and blow it up .. if it's repairable, we'll fix it for $100 and (if possible) upgrade it at the same time. Turn-around time generally averages less than a week.

We can also order all of the MX series. The XP series is also available in 32, 48, 66, and 108 volt DC input on special order - typically 2-3 weeks. Prices somewhat higher. We can special order any Exeltech product.

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