Introducing the LG Home 8 ESS

Looking for battery-back up for a new or existing grid-tied system? Look no further!

If you are looking for a battery back-up solution for your new or existing grid-tied solar power system, the new LG Home 8 is an excellent choice.

We are excited to introduce the LG Home 8 ESS

NAZ Solar Electric is proud to partner with LG ESS to offer the new Home 8 ESS battery backup solution. The LG Home 8 ESS system integrates easily with any new or existing grid tie solar power systems and is highly configurable to meet a variety of power and energy needs in the home.

The Details

The Home 8 ESS systems' basic components are the Smart Energy Box (SE Box) and the Battery/PCS unit. The SE Box routes power to and from the various AC inputs and outputs, and the Battery/PCS supplies independent AC power to house loads and/or grid back feed. With 14.4 KWH of battery storage per battery/PCS the system is expandable up to 4 battery/PCS modules per SE Box providing a total of 57.6 KWH total storage and 30 KW of AC power to the home.

The LG Home 8 ESS solution can be configured to offset Time of Use (TOU) and demand charges and provides backup power during grid down situations and it can also prepare for anticipated public safety and weather alert power outages.

Fully integrates with your other LG Appliances

The LG Home 8 also provides integration with other LG appliances through the ThinQ service providing load shedding services and power management capabilities to maximize system resources during normal and backup operation.

NAZ Solar Electric can help you determine if this is the right equipment to meet your battery backup needs.

Get in touch with us today for more information on the LG Home 8 ESS solution for your home or business.

Want to learn more? Watch this video about the LG Home 8

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