LG NeON 2 Solar Module

LG NeON 2 Solar Module

LG’s NeON™2 solar panel is one of the most efficient commonly available 60-cell modules on the market. LG considers the fact that the amount of energy generated by solar panels differs from day to day due to factors such as weather, temperature, and shading. This is why they create their solar panels with quality and efficiency in mind. LG created their panels with free-flowing electrons to keep them at a lower temperature, which helps them perform better when it's hot outside. This, along with low irradiation, gives the NeON 2 solar panel the ability to generate 21% more energy than conventional P-type modules in warm weather.


  • High-quality N-type wafers
  • Newly reinforced frame design
  • Separated electrical current
  • Circular shaped wires
  • Free-flowing electrons
  • Optical absorption enhancement


  • Minimal electrical loss from light reflection
    • LG’s NeOn™2 panel uses Cello Technology™ which replaces the commonly used busbars with 12 thin wires to absorb incident light into the solar cells.
  • Higher efficiency during morning and evening hours
    • The NeOn™2 captures sunlight from both the front and back of the panels creating more efficiency during morning and evening hours when the sunlight is not directly above the panel.
  • Easier installation in limited spaces
    • LG provides 2 types of modules: the 72-cell for larger commercial projects, and the 60-cell for smaller, residential projects. Because the 60-cell module is more efficient and produces a higher output, it provides easier installation in limited spaces and can help you avoid shaded areas.
  • Increased level of durability
    • Each NeOn™2 module contains the highest-quality materials creating maximum load capacity that can withstand 208 mph winds or a snow load of up to a full ton.
  • Appealing aesthetics
    • The NeOn™2’s uses thinner wires to create sleek black look enhances the appearance of solar arrays on any roof.


LG offers the longest warranty in the industry, covering the NeON® for 25 years for both the product and power. LG guarantees their modules will produce at least 85% of their original output for 25 years. This is higher than the usual 80% guarantee provided by most solar modules.

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