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SolarWorld USA Solar Photovoltaic Module and Company Information

SolarWorld Panels For Sale by Northern Arizona Wind and Sun

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Northern Arizona Wind and Sun is proud to offer our customers the very best solar panels available on the market. We have partnered with SolarWorld to bring you the highest quality modules at very competitive and affordable prices. It is our goal to offer modules that meet all necessary industry standards and exceed the specifications and quality of the competition. Therefore, we have decided to focus on SolarWorld solar PV modules and panels.

Manufacturing Quality Standards

SolarWorld has been producing solar modules since 1975. They have decades of research and development invested in their solar panel designs, giving them an edge over most other PV manufacturers around the world. Most of their modules sold here are manufactured in the U.S.A. In fact, they are the largest photovoltaic manufacturer in the U.S. and have been for over forty years. Hundreds of megawatts of silicon cells and panels are produced at their Hillsboro, Oregon facility alone. When you purchase their panels, you are investing in the American economy and jobs that support our local communities. Not only are the majority of panels made in the United States, but materials used to construct and build the modules have been purchased from all fifty states. The term “Made in the U.S.A.” has been earned and we could not be happier to carry their products.

There are a multitude of factors that contribute to the overall quality and craftsmanship of their cells and modules. Among the most important is their commitment to product testing. The modules are put through a series of environmental tests that simulate some of the harshest conditions that mother nature can throw at us: frost, heavy rainstorms, blowing sand, heavy snow loads, and hail impacts. Photovoltaic scientists thoroughly test and review the performance of solar panel prototypes and finished modules using a specially designed climate chamber, along with electrical, mechanical, and ultraviolet tests. Their attention to detail and performance ensures that you are receiving proven technology that will maximize the return on your investment.

The only modules that leave the factory meet or exceed all the specifications for that particular model. By implementing “plus-sorting” on their production line, the panels you install will always produce the rated power at a minimum, and will often produce a small percentage more power than the label indicates. For example, if you purchase a 300 Watt module, the module is guaranteed to produce a minimum of 300 Watts and a maximum of 305 Watts. Only modules that demonstrate a nominal rated power performance or higher ever leave their warehouse.

The newest and most advanced SolarWorld PV modules are now constructed with 5 busbar technology. This reduces the overall electrical resistance of the module, which means it can deliver more power to your home or business. The increased number of busbars help mitigate the effects of silicon cell microcracks. Over time, all solar cells will develop microcracks, which increases the resistance of the cells. This can lead to an impedance mismatch between modules which will reduce the overall efficiency of your system and lead to lost power in the form of heat. The 5 busbar wiring method helps reduce the effects of microcracks while increasing the efficiency and lifespan of the panel.


Are They the Best?

SolarWorld Solar Panels Silver and Black Frames

There are many factors and variables that will determine which solar panel is right for you. However, there is no question that SolarWorld brand modules are some of the highest quality, most durable, and most efficient modules being made today. They have a long track record of stellar performance, long life, and most of all, dependability. When you count on your solar system for your energy needs, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that not only have you made a smart purchase, but also a smart investment.

They offer modules that consist of two different types of silicon cells. The most common type of cell available is the polycrystalline (aka multi-crystalline). It’s the easiest to produce and delivers excellent performance over the lifetime of the module. The more advanced type of cell is made from monocrystalline silicon. Monocrystalline cells have a more uniform cell structure, more efficient power production, and generally perform better in low light conditions versus polycrystalline panels.

When it comes to the overall efficiency of the solar panel, these modules routinely outperform the competition. The Sunmodule Plus line of modules has attained an efficiency rating just shy of 18%. Most other manufacturers are producing comparable modules with efficiencies between 15% to 16%. The higher the efficiency, the more power your solar array will produce over the same area as a lower efficiency module.

All newly produced modules come with male and female interlocking connectors, popularly referred to as H4 and MC4 type connectors. These interlocking connectors not only ensure a fool-proof electrical connection but makes the installation process much easier and faster. We even sell combiner boxes from MidNite Solar that come pre-fabricated with interlocking connectors, enabling the installer to quickly connect multiple strings of modules before connecting to your inverter or charge controller. While the SolarWorld modules are designed for grid-tie applications, they can easily be incorporated into an off-grid or remote power site. We carry many MPPT type charge controllers that will accept the high input voltage from the panels and step it down to charge 12, 24, or 48 Volt battery banks. This is perfect for powering cabins, off-grid homes and facilities, remote water pumping and well pumps, telecommunications towers, backup power, and cathodic protection systems. We recommend the following brands of MPPT charge controllers if you plan to build an off-grid system: OutBack Power FLEXmax controllers, MidNite Solar, Morningstar Corporation, and Schneider Electric. All of these brands will work flawlessly with the SolarWorld panels. Let us know if you have any questions about selecting the best model for your system.

Warranty and Customer Service

SolarWorld Warranty Information Badge

When it comes to customer service, this company is in a class by themselves. They offer either a 25-year warranty or 30-year warranty on power output, depending upon the model of panel you purchase. In addition to the power warranty, the modules also carry a 20-year workmanship guarantee. To prove that the company cares about their customers, they have even been known to repair faulty panel installations at no cost to the customer, when the problem was caused by the installer. SolarWorld wants to ensure optimum performance from their modules and a hassle-free experience for the end user. After you purchase your solar panels, don’t forget to register them.

Additional Product Information and Links

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